Sleeping Beauty

written by Susan Hindess and directed by Phillip Hindess

When the evil fairy Carabosse is accidentally insulted by the King and Queen, she puts a terrible curse on their daughter, Princess Aurora, a curse that will take effect on her sixteenth birthday.  Can the curse be lifted in time?  Can good fairy Pam come to the rescue?  Will Aurora ever find love with Prince Florizel?  And will hopeless court jester Muddles ever tell any decent jokes?

Show Dates

  • Saturday 16th January 1988 - 7:30pm
  • Sunday 17th January 1988 - 2:00pm
  • Sunday 17th January 1988 - 7:30pm
  • Saturday 23rd January 1988 - 7:30pm
  • Sunday 24th January 1988 - 2:00pm
  • Sunday 24th January 1988 - 7:30pm
  • Saturday 30th January 1988 - 7:30pm
  • Sunday 31st January 1988 - 2:00pm
  • Sunday 31st January 1988 - 7:30pm
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